Super Avalanche

Media Info:

Full Name: Avalanche 2: Super Avalanche

Platforms: PC [Steam, Desura, Stand-Alone]
Released: June 11th, 2015

System Requirements: Overclocked Potato

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Developer: Beast Games (
Publisher: Midnight City (

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Score on Steam: 91% Positive (22 Reviews - 8/28/15)


Awards and Distinctions:
  • PAX 10 (PAX Prime 2013)
  • Featured Game - Omegathon (PAX Prime 2014)
  • Featured Game - IndieSuperShow (2015)

Game Credits:

  • Chris Peterson:
    Roles: Creator, Programmer, Artist, Developer, PR Dude
    Email: cPeterson [at]

  • Will Seegers:
    Roles: Music Composer, Community Manager, Awesome Guy
    Email: wSeegers [at]

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